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“The Pikeys have given us a record to remind us that when things are really, really bleak we can find inspiration in the dogged perseverance of the impoverished and the oppressed and humanity’s utter refusal to be defeated.

This record informs us that war is hell, life is hard, and injustice sucks – But by damn, we will survive; and we will laugh all the way home from the pub retelling the stories that affirm our fighting spirit.

And if you don’t agree, well Feck You and put up your fists, Friend!”

– Lisa Walters,




“The Sons of War & Whisky” at its best invokes a spirit that is somewhere between an anthemic
drinking song and a melody you would sing before going into battle.”
– Matt Jensen /








“The Pikeys go mental on Waxie’s Dargle”










“The Pikeys were an easy band to appreciate. At the very least these are some great drinking songs but beneath the surface are meaningful lyrics and ideas that should not go unnoticed.”
– Matt Jensen /

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