The Pikeys

The West Coast's Celtic Brotherhood of Rock

Memories of the Recording Process

Mike’s Memories

Gang Vocal Day – Sharing a meal with everyone, and hanging out talking about how much our friends mean to us, and singing with everyone on The Public House.

Ben’s Memories

Gang Vocal Day – “Cooking 10 lbs of fried potatoes in the studio kitchen on gang vocals day, stands out in my mind.  Malt vinegar and malt whisky.  Life doesn’t get much better.”

Glenn’s Memories


Patrick’s Memories

The Load in – “As the drummer, I usually arrive first to most gigs and sessions, but honestly I can’t remember if I was first to this one or not? Let’s just assume I was. When I got there Jack our engineer and a few interns were already setting up the main studio in preparation for my arrival. In this band, we’re all really good about helping each other loading in and out equipment, but when you’re the first one at a venue, there are no other Pikeys to help. No sooner did I think that, five people come running out the door to help me load in, and set up. I literally, did almost nothing except final positioning of the drum set and cymbals.  It was a great Day!”

Playback of the drum tracks – “Another memory I had was the first playback of all of the drum tracks in the control room. This was after they had been premixed and the final takes mostly chosen. To hear those tracks booming through the speakers in the main room was amazing, it really brought life to all that I had been hearing up until that point.”

Working with Keith on his vocal for The Public House – “This was a particularly difficult challenge as Keith’s schedule did not allow for him to come to Sacramento and record his parts in the studio. He needed to record the vocals in a way that made it sound like he was right here with us. He did a fantastic job, and was able to record his parts in Los Angeles, and get them to us well within our timeframe. A true Pro.”

Gang Vocal Day – “It was almost like a wrap party, but we were nowhere close to wrapping this up at the time! It was a great day to have all of our friends in to share in the studio experience with us!”

Buji’s Memories


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