The Pikeys

The West Coast's Celtic Brotherhood of Rock

Drunk in Cardiff

What the hell am I doing on this street?  

The corner of drunk and lonely

I didn’t set out to be lost in this town,

and I hope to Christ they find me

Set sail away from my family,

as far as my cash would allow

Now I made a few friends,

that I call me mates,

but where the hell are they now

My heart is pounding,

or maybe it’s just my head

I’m, lost, drunk in Cardiff

We met them down by the harbor,

when Nigel lost his nerve

Shots rang out and Sean hit the deck,

the money’s still by the curb

We tried to make a few quick bucks,

was a good idea at the bar

Now I’ve lost my way, my money and my pride

and still can’t find the damn car

There’s blood in my whiskey

and whiskey in my blood

I’m, lost, drunk in Cardiff

My, mates, left me to guard it

Lost, drunk, in this dirty old town,

it’s going down

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