The Pikeys

The West Coast's Celtic Brotherhood of Rock

The Ballad of Sean Kellie

Bar Keep!  Bar Keep! Pour me a pint.

For we must keep our courage, English coming tonight.

One hundred years ago in the Celtic wood

A man was born, Saint Patrick called him “good”


Bar Keep! Bar Keep! Pull us all a round.

Sean Kellie lead the clans, we fight on hallowed ground

From the Cloth of Kings, Sean Kellie was torn

Stones for stones and bones of Blackthorn


What does it mean, to fight to be free?

I’ll put him down.  I’ll put him down clean.

Half pint of Bushmills each day before noon

The lads did tremble and the lassies did swoon

Stout in the barrel and whisky in the Wellie

Let’s all drink and sing the Ballad of Sean Kellie

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