The Pikeys

The West Coast's Celtic Brotherhood of Rock

The Briar and the Sword

Says the law, you have no land

Says the Lord, you have no worth

Says the Lord, I’ll tax all you have

Well says I, we’ll fight for all we’re worth

Come the morn, we’ll meet at the spot

Come with wood, the briar and the knot

Ban all the swords, our spirits to cull

They won’t be laughing when I break their skull

Bring the pain, bring the sorrow

Fight for your life, fight for tomorrow

Battle cry, fight the hoard

To the death, the briar and the sword

Assemble all who can stand and fight

We storm the camp, in the middle of the night

Shillelagh fly in the face of their ban

We’ll kill them all, down to the last man

The briar and the sword

Stand up to the law and lay down your life

Don’t you want to be free?

Kill them

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