The Pikeys

The West Coast's Celtic Brotherhood of Rock

The Story of the album

This is the tale of Pat Kelly, known to his mates as Pikey. Pat was born in the small village of Clover Hill, on the western shores of Emerald Ilse.  Now at that time the land of Emerald Ilse was ruled from afar, under the boot of Angloshire. 

When Pikey Pat was 16, he left his home and family to make his own way in a big city.  (Drunk in Cardiff) It did not go as he planned.  He was overwhelmed by the different life style, got in trouble with the law and (The ARA) fell in with an underground revolutionary crowd.

This left a mark on him.  (Botany Bay) Soon he quit his job at the brickyard.  And (Last Guinness) began to live as a rebellious musician.  His rural upbringing led him to (The Public House) traditional Pub Songs with a rebellious edge to them.

But soon he was drinking all the time.  His venture as a musician was not a prosperous one.  And Pikey Pat was (Waxies’ Dargle) drifting from pub to pub, selling his belongings and borrowing from friends for his next drink.

When he was at the bottom, he finally heard from his estranged father.  Emerald Ilse was going to war. 

His father described conditions at home in Clover Hill, and (Battle) Pikey Pat Kelly, joined the army.

Pat served under a Field Marshal named Sean Kellie.  (The Ballad of Sean Kellie) Sean taught our Pikey the meaning of bravery and honor.  But alas, Sean fell in combat against the Angloshire Infantry. 

After years of battles won and lost, Pikey Pat Kelly returned to Clover Hill, only to find his own father had died.  Pat made his way to the home of Sean Kellie, as it fell to him to report Sean’s fall to his family.  Upon reaching the stone house on the cliffs (Sons of War) Pat found Sean’s own father deep in sadness.  As it was that all of Sean’s brothers had also fallen to the Anglos.

As the vessel of grief, loss, anger and vengeance for both fallen families; Pikey Pat Kelly led the final revolt. (The Briar & The Sword).  The Emerald Ilse would bow no more the crown of Angloshire.

In the final stand of the final assault, Pikey Pat Kelly fell to the blades of his foes (Requiem for Josh).

But in the end, the people of Clover Hill and all the towns and villages of Emerald Ilse, won their freedom.  The Kelly’s and the Kellies would go down in history as martyrs and heroes and were the subject of many a song and tale.

The Kelly’s and the Kellies, all the fathers and sons reunited in heaven, look down on their free land and sing songs (Black & Tans) of freedom and vigilance in that Pub in the Sky, where the glass is never dry. 

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